1873 saa-22 single action revolver Sexvideochat onlain

With the cylinder fixed in the frame, alignment with the barrel usually remains good, even after a steady diet of hot loads.With rimfire ammunition the guns should last for many generations.Normally, the 40-grain CCI Velocitor manages about 1,250 feet per second and the 33-grain CCI Stinger zips out at 1,350 fps.

A minute with a flat-blade screwdriver adjusted the target rear sight to correct zero. To get it to rotate further, I had to put the revolver on full cock, carefully lower the hammer (sometimes on a live round) and only that would free up the cylinder for the completion of the loading procedure.

I discovered that the substantial gap between the cylinder and the forcing cone caused a louder than expected report.

Despite good balance and a decent trigger, the best groups I could get were well over 2 inches at a distance of 25 feet.

Chiappa Firearms 1873 SAA-22 Single Action Rimfire Revolver, combines Old West features with the added benefit of having two calibers in one gun.

This version of the 1873 revolver combines two interchangeable 10 Round cylinders, one chambered for .22 LR and one chambered for .22 Mag.

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