Backdating employment

While the employer has the right to be represented in the hearing, it does not give them the right to have three representatives and bring forth a front of intimidation. Appellant: Brenda Mahoney Date: 207 - The facts of why the claimant left his employment include two incidents where one of the owners used abusive language towards him.

The claimant stayed at his employment after the first incident because it had been resolved to his satisfaction.

His hours of work were frequently reduced by the employer and his hours given to other employees.

The claimant suffered verbal mistreatment; he was yelled at by his employer and abused with foul language.

The claimant states that the employer refused to give her ten days to come up with the remaining money and that she could not continue to work for the employer.

- The claimant stated that the job responsibilities were excessive and it got to the point were he found the pressure unbearable.

The claimant tried to rectify the situation with his two bosses but nothing became of it.

The Commission did consider the fact that there would be brief downtime and that the new employer confirmed that this would be of short duration.

In this case the claimant was unhappy at his employment and took the reasonable steps that a reasonable person would do before leaving their employment. Appellant: Cory Goreham Date: 208 - The reason given by both the employer and claimant as to why the claimant quit was that there was no longer a trusting bond between the two women.

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