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In 2003, Flynn confirmed they previously dated, saying: "We’re not a couple right now, people have seen us together and jumped to conclusions.

Their character did not get along in the popular fantasy show but the pair certainly seemed very affectionate with one another asthe 39-year-old actor putting an arm around Lena while they laughed and joked together.'Lena is one of my favorite persons.Headey, who plays super villain Cersei Lannister and Flynn, who plays Bronn, dated in real life and things didn't end well - to the point where they refuse to be in the same room together.The couple dated back in 2002 and a set insider revealed in 2014 that they are to "be kept apart at all costs", without detailing exactly what happened between the two/.If you watched the season 7 finale, you might remember that as the main characters were about to meet in the Dragonpit to discuss a potential truce in preparation for the upcoming war, Bronn suggested he and Podrick stay behind and get a drink while “the fancy folk talk.”I'm sorry, I'm done.Back to the toxic relationship between Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn.

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