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Longstanding efforts to halt this decline, with massive subsidies on fertilisers and public procurement of grains, have proved corrupt and inefficient.

Yet on the basis of this short stay in Shahabpur more change is afoot in India's villages than is commonly supposed. Like much of east India, Shahabpur has rich alluvial soil, a gift of the Ganges, which flows three miles to the south.

At an informal gathering of Muslim men outside the house of Anwar Ali—an upstanding clerk, who also housed your correspondent—it was estimated that perhaps 40% of the village's non-dalit men upheld this ancient tradition.

According to Sarju, until Sushila lost her youthful good looks, he suffered near-nightly terrors from drunken patel youths, who came clamouring for her outside his hut. The architect of the country's 1949 constitution and a dalit, Ambedkar asked: “What is the village but a sink of localism, a den of ignorance, narrow-mindedness and communalism?

They live in caste-based ghettos; rarely socialise across caste lines, and never inter-marry.The worst dalit-bashers are said to be the patels, Shahabpur's biggest community, which is about 3,000-strong.They are typical bullies: of a low-caste peasant order, the patels are just a rung or two higher up the caste ladder, which makes them jealous guardians of their perceived superiority.Working leather has been Sarju's family profession for centuries. The family is of the chamar, or tanning, caste, one of dozens traditionally dedicated to menial or “unclean” occupations, and therefore considered “untouchable”.This discrimination, suffered by around one in five Hindus, was banned shortly after India won independence in 1947.

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A cyclist, wearing a chequered-blue sarong and T-shirt, the attire of many village men, pulls up outside the hut.

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