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I might lament that the graphics on Marie Claire were more stylish than ours or that the colours used on Vogue's cover put Cosmo in the shade.But there was one area - the key area, as far I was concerned from a sales point of view - where Cosmopolitan could never be beaten.First to assault my eyes was Closer, with the coverline: 'Incest Mum Shock: Sex with my son sets me on fire.' This is the magazine that also proudly claims on its cover: The UK's No 1 Celeb and Real Life Mag.

Unless, perhaps, you are an avid reader of Closer magazine, in which case you would know they are the real-life confessions of everyday folk, who might include that nice girl next door with the new dog or the chap down the road who spends a lot of time polishing his motor.There were plenty of complaints about Cosmo's sexy suggestiveness.Back when the magazine was just a year old, in 1973, a poster designed for the London Underground with the coverline 'I was frigid!Later that afternoon, I had a doctor's appointment.The waiting room was full of back issues of weekly magazines ranging from Love It, Take A Break and Pick Me Up to Chat and Bella, only distinguishable by the weight given to celebrity versus real-life stories.

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