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In Season 2, she was accepted to the Chicago Fire Academy, where she initially failed her physical agility test by several seconds after spraining her ankle. Dawson caught Jones cheating during a written examination and took a disliking to her.Jones eventually graduated from the academy and was assigned to Truck 81 as a firefighter candidate.This relationship takes a turn in the second season after a traumatic case caused Dawson to "accidentally" blame Shay and it sends her into a self-destructive phase in which she pursues a party-hard woman that she met at a party.Shay stops communicating with Gabriela, and even goes so far as to transfer out of Firehouse 51.She's deeply upset and disturbed by it which isn't initially shown until it's revealed that she's been going to the department's psychologist for a month.She reveals that she told Shay to switch places with her just before the explosion so Shay could get some PIC experience.

In Real Never Waits, Casey proposes to Dawson at Boden's wedding. The pair share a home cooked meal, supposedly as friends, but it turns into something more.He wanted at first 25% of the benefits but Herrmann managed to lower the new associate's part to 1%.Arthur is revealed later to be a mobster under the watch of the undercover detective Jay Halstead.Antonio Dawson (brother)Laura Dawson (sister-in-law)Eva Dawson (niece)Diego Dawson (nephew)Matthew Casey (husband)Jay Halstead (ex-boyfriend/fling)Peter Mills (ex-boyfriend)Unborn Child † (with Matthew Casey)Kelly Severide (Close friend)Leslie Shay † (bestfriend)Sylvie Brett (bestfriend) Stella Kidd (bestfriend) Louie Thompson (former foster son) Dawson tends to quickly lose her temper, a behavior regularly getting her in trouble with her hierarchy.During the first two seasons, Dawson was the Paramedic in Charge (PIC) of Ambulance 61.

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