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These documents are evidence-based, cover a comprehensive approach to rape care and use adult education methods which a great deal of reflection and skills building.

A range of supportive materials have also been produced including an assessment booklet for the practicum for the trainer and for the trainee, a course certificate, a 16 page brochure for distribution to survivors of rape in health facilities, a revised draft of the J88 form and a 30 minute DVD with four clips demonstrating good practice talking to and supporting survivors and demonstrations of trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy.

Secondly, all were asked to complete a questionnaire that measured gender attitudes and attitudes and confidence at work.

This was done before training, immediately afterwards and three months later.

In 2008 the curriculum was piloted with the training of 144 health care providers from 8 provinces in 4 two week training courses. First all trainees had to complete a MCQ before and after the course to test knowledge.

Through this we established effectiveness in significantly increasing knowledge.

Through conducting in-depth interviews with 30 physically disabled women and 10 disability service providers in the Western Cape, the research will (1) explore the nature and forms of violence experienced by disabled women in their lifetime (2) identify the risk factors for experiencing violence (3) describe the consequences of violence, (4) describe the construction of sexuality for women with disabilities and how this promotes or protects them from violence (5) identify the barriers and facilitators to support services and pathways to care, (6) review what interventions exist globally to prevent and respond to violence against women with varying disabilities, including physical disabilities and their effectiveness, (7) to discuss recommendations to prevent and respond to violence against women with physical disabilities in South Africa.

The curriculum is a 10 day training course plus two days of practicum.

The curriculum has been documented in a 250 page participants’ manual trainers and 200 page trainers’ manual both of which have been written in the past year.

Finally qualitative interviews were conducted with providers trained in two facilities before and after training and also with a further group of 15 providers some months after training, the aim being to explore the extent and nature of health system barriers to service improvement after training.

E-mail: [email protected] Project publications This study is being undertaken in collaboration with the School of Education Studies at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal (Robert Morrell) and Emory University (Kristin Dunkle).

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