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Replication of the SMSDOM-MPE databases allows the centralization of configuration settings, security risk incidents and statistics, and virus definitions.

The , savmpe.nsf, can be replicated to other Domino servers running SMSDOM-MPE.

You must first delete the database using the Domino Administrator.

For more details on the Admin P process, see the Domino Administrator Client Help Topics.

The Symantec Mail Security for Domino - MPE Settings and Log databases use selective replication formulas.

Example: sav/sav/sav/When replicating to OS/400, the replica path should be specified using the forward slash ("/") character, and the database directory name should be "SAV".

When creating replicas with Admin P, push-only replication must be used to initially populate the replica.

Once the replica has been initially populated, you may use whatever replication topology you choose.

You're seeking additional information on how to setup replication if it's databases.

Signing databases using some versions of Lotus Notes will corrupt the selective replication settings.

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