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Thank you, Miguel Asencio, Executive Director 20 de junio de 2017, 11am (costa este): Este seminario en línea va a centrarse en las diferentes posibilidades que ofrece d LOC, como por ejemplo varias funciones de búsqueda y tipos de documentos que alberga.

Al final del mismo se atenderán las preguntas que surjan.

More information is available on the blog Maps in the Crowd.

The Caribbean Maps The collection of Caribbean maps consist of printed and hand-drawn maps (some of them in more sheets) and some atlases from the sixteenth to twentieth century of Central America and the Caribbean in general and the Netherlands Antilles in particular.

The georeferenced map will then be shown as an overlay in Google Maps.

Everyone who is interested is welcome to join our project.

We will also be using our social media accounts to quickly distribute communications since Facebook and Whats App have been working in the affected Caribbean region.

Nearly 1,100 digitized maps of the Caribbean will be unlocked with help from visitors, students and others who are interested.

The larger part of this collection is part of the bequest of the nineteenth century map collector Johannes Tiberius Bodel Nijenhuis (1797-1872), complemented with maps from the collections of the Royal Institute for Southeast-Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV) and the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT).

Ukažte se zákazníkům právě ve chvíli, kdy na Googlu hledají věci z vaší nabídky.

Participation A special application has been developed to help the participants connect the digitalized historical maps, through the process of georeferencing, to a modern topographical map in Google Maps.

It is quite straightforward: the historical map and its modern counterpart can be connected by designating five or more corresponding control points.

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