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Cooler temperate waters offer their own special attractions, as appealing and interesting as the tropics.

She first goes to police in 2011 after that initial terrifying discovery, by a friend, of what was happening online.

Another 14 months later Night recounts the conversation in a courtroom, her voice quivering with emotion as her 42-year-old former boyfriend is jailed."I felt physically sick that a man who had said he loved me was capable of doing something so vile and grotesque," she said, husband River's hand a rod of support on her back."I really didn't know how to feel.

After four years his reign of terror was over."Ten metres away, bald and bearded, large frame filling a dark, pin-striped suit, her ex awaits his punishment.

We like to get people diving, and to keep them diving. Check out the incredible diving available in Otago using the Dive Site Database, containing some of the best shore dives in the country, all within easy access of Dunedin City.

The club is geared towards providing affordable equipment hire, PADI certification and diving opportunities for students in Dunedin.

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After almost four years of helplessness, Kotynski was charged with stalking.

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