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The target DNA is then analyzed for the presence of the probe via radioactivity or fluorescence.In this experiment, as in most molecular biology techniques, a control must be used to ensure successful experimentation.In molecular biology, procedures and technologies are continually being developed and older technologies abandoned.For example, before the advent of DNA gel electrophoresis (agarose or polyacrylamide), the size of DNA molecules was typically determined by rate sedimentation in sucrose gradients, a slow and labor-intensive technique requiring expensive instrumentation; prior to sucrose gradients, viscometry was used.Short (20-25 nucleotides in length), labeled probes are exposed to the non-fragmented target DNA, hybridization occurs with high specificity due to the short length of the probes and even a single base change will hinder hybridization.The target DNA is then washed and the labeled probes that didn't hybridize are removed.The player will have to make use of Reset several times in order to secure every Memory.The game does auto-save, which makes saving not needed.

The PCR technique can be used to introduce restriction enzyme sites to ends of DNA molecules, or to mutate particular bases of DNA, the latter is a method referred to as site-directed mutagenesis.4 points: zana, Thomas, Suzu, Mecasonic13, jonjon, Tursake 3 points: Hibari, Hachi Kirra, Ayami, shinsei, iblessall, Kraker2k, vestenet, Kasa, A.Libellule, Alemisty, Zaku Abumi, Fencedude, deepbluejeer Deem, bitmap, whemleh, Divinenega, processr, Ashita, Micchy, Game8910, zetsubouzhainu, Futsuu, kc_alex2 2 points: CRSMK, conan-edw, Helltilt, Lor, Reki, Rosa_FOEtida, petting_sinon, Felice, Lusama, c001357, Hitokiri, Neomo, Uznare, Katapan, Zl Sgii Nofdl, ultimatemegax, osama___a, Shushutto, Elliot, marie, Fouton, Eric, Blue-kun 1 point: overlord_jet, Nyanko the victim, Cral, opn, fuyu, ravesaki, West Coast Anime, full Oanime, Aeolonox, Zatheyll, liborek3, Ron Snow, Stark, vinhnyu, Lusama, flowers, tim, Hazukari, Zepwich, Sasquatchulous, Stuart E., ottocycle, Dominik, Yoshi, Psyris, Bloodystar, Se HNNG, Bash, Craig Mc Leod, Fungi, Hakase, secondsun, Power, korol, Andrea Ritsu, buildknuckle, DC, Tsun, Frank, Super, bug, Cory, Tuna, Neidhardt, Fabled Hunter, Sa10-kun, Psyris, gemon, tamerlane 4 points: zana, Thomas, Suzu 3 points: Hibari, Hachi Kirra, Ayami, shinsei, iblessall, Kraker2k, jonjon, vestenet, Kasa, A.Resets are used when the player wishes to abandon a timeline and try again.This usually happens after Time has saved a Memory which has disabled Rewind.

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