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She’s part of the same resistance movement (terrorist group) that Kei’s in.She’s astonishingly direct, almost to the point of rudeness.That’s part of what makes her an amazing hero (and can be seen both in this canon and in her role as Oracle in the old canon), but it also means that she is incredibly stubborn, even headstrong.When she gets too focused on the mission at hand, especially when she doesn’t have that support system in place giving her a frame of reference, things go badly.

It goes back to a lack of comprehensive support in Barbara’s life, a situation partially of her own doing whether she realizes it or not.

She is Barbara’s conscience, her sounding board, and the person who snaps her out of her own head.

Like the best kinds of friends do, Frankie stood her ground and challenged Barbara’s preconceived notions throughout the arc after the algorithm.

As much as I wish the trio had gotten to stay on this book for longer, I’ll follow the Burnside creative team to all their future projects and personally cannot wait for their recently announced Image collaboration A lot of the talk around the first Burnside arc was that it was about Barbara getting caught up in social media – that she gets so focused on being the area’s cool new hero and she loses herself.

Personally, I found that interpretation to be a bit misleading and even harsh towards our protagonist.

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