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The buffet offered crab legs and filet mignon, and entertainment was provided by the likes of Nat King Cole, Steve Martin, Aretha Franklin, Billy Crystal, and Sammy Davis, Jr.

“Our pair is really telling because it’s completely spattered with spilled drinks,” Jones said of the costume in the FIDM Museum.

“They must have been replaced a lot.” Dirty shoes, laddered stockings, and other infractions incurred demerits, which could lead to a Bunny being fined or even fired.

Far from being exploited, the Bunnies “were really well protected young women,” Jones told me.

In his 1963 book a Gay-Nineties rig which exaggerated their hips, bound their waist ...

and lifted them into a phallic brassiere—each breast looked like the big bullet on the front bumper of a Cadillac.

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