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There's also a bit of versatility shown here in how the galleries can be viewed.While there's no fancy slide show, you are given the option as to how many thumbnails are viewed per page( 16, 32, 64, 96, or all) but you can also download entire galleries compressed in a ZIP file.The only bad thing is, they haven't updated them in quite some time.There's also not many of them at all in comparison to the photos, which I suppose is to be expected, but the number, nevertheless, still feels far too low to me.There's also a nice rating system, as well as the option for users to comment on individual photographs. Sometimes, when you've got top shelf birds such as these, and a well skilled individual with behind the lense, it really all just comes together. Not only does he capture the hotness of lesbian action(believe me, there's plenty of freaky shit going on here) but he's also quite adept at capturing the beauty and the overall spirit of two women naked and in each other's warm embrace, sharing everything. Both in the way of sets -- there were some gorgeous outdoor shots, set in many gorgeous locations spread out across europe -- but also sexually.

I realize there's a large number of them, but I actually wouldn't mind at least having the option of lumping them altogether on one page.Simon Scans, as the name may have given you a slight inkling, are all about super high image quality.Whether it be pictures or videos these guys are dedicated to providing the utmost level of clarity that modern equipment can possibly produce.There's something decidedly retro about it, and when you couple that with the name, which reminds me quite a bit of a childhood favorite of mine, "Simon`s Quest," you get a nostalgic vibe going on that's quite comforting.Nevertheless, that's not very well going to help me find my way around this joint, now is it?

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