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Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis: Connection between thought and language.If you haven't got a word for it, you can't think it.The need for so called ten-foot interfaces is an admission of lack of accessibility.By the way: Google is a blind user, and sees only what a blind person sees (which is why text in images, or Flash, are a bad idea, and why spending money on accessibility is a good idea).By Douglas Adams and John Lloyd Such as: PEORIA (n.): the fear of peeling too few potatoes ABINGER (n.): Person who washes up everything except the frying pan, the cheese grater and the saucepan which the chocolate sauce has been made in.DUNGENESS (n.): The uneasy feeling that the plastic handles of the over-loaded supermarket carrier bag you are carrying are getting steadily longer.We can offer military assistance in terms of equipment, training, and so forth to the Ukrainians themselves," Cheney said Sunday on CBS News' "Face the Nation." It's long been a Republican mantra that President Obama caved to the Russians when he decided in 2009 to scrap a Bush-era missile defense program and replace it with a more flexible system he said would better address the threat of potential short- and medium-range missiles the administration believed Iran had made more progress developing. John Mc Cain, R-Ariz., called the decision "seriously misguided" at the time. The president called it more comprehensive than the previous program - as well as cost-effective - and said it would provide "stronger, smarter and swifter defenses of American forces and America's allies." And in an op-ed about the program, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that critics who were accusing the administration of scrapping missile defense in Europe entirely "are either misinformed or misrepresenting what we are doing." One former U. official who worked on national security issues called the Obama administration's new program "a double whammy" to Russia.In fact, experts say, the new program was no less of a threat to Russia, which has always viewed U. "It's not only the missile defense capability but also the geopolitical affront that the Russians are really sensitive to," the official said.

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, was a vocal critic of the decision to move away from the Bush missile defense program, saying at the time that it would do "little more than empower Russia and Iran at the expense of our allies in Europe." Boehner has largely been in agreement with Mr.Though it is highly unlikely the Obama administration would reverse course on their decision to retool missile defense in Eastern Europe, pressure from the Republicans to use military options could put pressure on the administration to articulate whether it wants to drive Russian troops out of the Crimean Peninsula or merely prevent further Russian expansion in the area."At a certain point there's a conflict between the goal of de-escalation and deterrence especially if the Russians continue to move forward with their provocations," Zarate said.Russia's invasion of the Crimean Peninsula has largely coalesced around non-military options like aid packages for Ukraine and the threat of sanctions for Russia.But on Sunday, former Vice President Dick Cheney lambasted the administration for taking military options off the table.

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